Texas Pride Impact Funds

Texas Pride Impact Funds exists to propel the LGBTQ movement in Texas by supporting nonprofits that help thousands of our citizens across the state every day. Our work strengthens community organizations and their leaders, mobilizes donors and funders, inspires giving, and actively secures our LGBTQ community's future for generations to come.


Securing the future for LGBTQ Texans by inspiring giving and investment to expand opportunities and enrich our communities.


Texas Pride Impact Funds,  as the leading progressive LGBTQ+ community foundation, boldly supports equitable and transformational change in Texas.


Texas Pride Impact Funds has three primary long term strategies to advance positive change for LGBTQ communities across Texas:

  • To support organizations and innovative projects that address existing and emerging community needs throughout Texas.
  • To serve the needs and philanthropic aims of donors who wish to positively impact the Texas LGBTQ community.
  • To initiate collaboration between donors and organizations to increase LGBTQ-inclusive programming.


GRANTS - Texas Pride Impact Funds' Grants Program seeks to fund proposed ideas, projects, and strategies from community organizations that work to enhance the lives of and address the needs of LGBTQ youth, adults, and families that are positively impacting local communities across Texas. Please see Grants for our current funding priorities and to learn more about our grant process.

COMMUNITY NEEDS - In 2017 TPIF conducted the first-ever, state-wide LGBTQ community needs assessment for the State of Texas. With a generous planning grant from Funders for LGBTQ Issues, TPIF contracted and collaborated with The University of Texas at Dallas to create, implement and produce IMPACT! Texas Needs Assessment (ITNA). Results of the IMPACT! Texas Needs Assessment was first revealed at a TPIF Austin Town Hall, held in our Texas capital on June 13, 2018.  A series of community outreach events will be conducted across the State in 2018. Results of our IMPACT! Texas Needs Assessment (ITNA) is available on this site. While the 2017 ITNA study was the first state-wide LGBTQ community needs assessment, plans are underway for TPIF's next research effort.

COMMUNITY BUILDING - With our state-wide view of LGBTQ Texas, TPIF strives to fulfill a strategic role, giving voice to all perspectives in LGBTQ discourse by addressing issues of racism, sexism and gender normatism that negatively impacting the Texas LGBTQ community and are considered threats to our community’s well-being and future.


  • 2019 Grant Program
  • Conclude First Hundred Funder Campaign
  • Expanded outreach through a Community Roundtable in El Paso, event support in RGV and a San Antonio reception
  • Further development of Regional Leadership Council volunteers and board of directors
  • Donor Advised Fund Program Expansion


In 2013, inspired by funds around the U.S. specifically established to support LGBTQ organizations in various regions, community organizers from around our state began the conversation of a community fund for LGBTQ Texas. After two years of evaluation, Texas Pride Impact Funds was incorporated in 2015 as an LGBTQ-focused community foundation for Texas.

Over the last several decades, LGBTQ leaders established numerous non-profit organizations across our vast state supporting the needs of our community. The earliest of these organizations were in response to the HIV/AIDS crisis. While those needs continue, LGBTQ-based organizations now address a wide variety of other issues including cultural, seniors, families, health, social justice and youth. As a community foundation for LGBTQ Texas, TPIF exists to advocate for and to strengthen local communities and their leaders and mobilize donors in support of these efforts. TPIF is fulfilling the leadership role as custodian for LGBTQ philanthropy in Texas.