We cannot stop hoping, dreaming, working, and building the communities we deserve; places where all LGBTQ people can thrive and be who they are, where they are. Individual generosity has been at the heart of the LGBTQ movement for equality and community building since the very earliest days and every single gift has changed our lives and our world. Thank you for believing in the mission and purpose of Texas Pride Impact Funds.

With your support, we work to achieve more livable communities, in particular for the 930,000 LGBTQ citizens of Texas.

Support Our Community Grants Program for 3 Years

Your generous gift at PRIDE, MAJOR, LEAD, VISIONARY and IMPACT levels will fund our annual community grants program for three years starting at the time of your commitment. You will be recognized on our site and at events with other current donors. See current list here.

$3,000 one time or an equal payment plan over three years.

$5,000, $10,000 or $20,000 donations are recognized as MAJORLEAD and VISIONARY donors, respectively. Pay in full OR pay half now and we will contact you to set up your remaining payment within 12 months.

$50,000+ donors are distinguished as IMPACT. Pay $10,000 now and we will contact you to set up your payment plan.

Become a Monthly Rainbow Donor

$25 recurring monthly. Rainbow donors receive recognition for their ongoing commitment in our Annual Report.

Make any gift of $25.00 or more; one-time or reoccurring if you choose.


TPIF Non Compete Policy with LGBTQ Service Organizations: While Texas Pride Impact Funds eagerly seeks financial commitments to fully achieve our goal as “the LGBTQ community foundation for the state of Texas,” we prefer not to receive donations that would displace philanthropy you previously intended for an LGBTQ organization in your community. In either case, you can further our effort by sharing this page with other philanthropically-minded friends and inquiring about TPIF volunteer opportunities that are right for you.