Texas Pride Impact Funds

1) Increase grantmaking annually to $1,000,000 per year by 2026.
Increase the capacity of organizations, projects, and leaders serving LGBTQ+ peoples by increasing grantmaking annually from all TPIF sources to $1.0 million a year by 2026 as a 5-year objective towards making $6.0 million in annual grants by 2045.

2) Increase TPIF’s capacity to fund $1,000,000 in annual grantmaking and necessary operations by 2026:
a. Increase annual giving to TPIF to $1,000,000 (currently $275,000 from 150 donors).
b. Increase donor advised funds to 25 with annual grantmaking over $250,000.
c. Increase assets (DAF holdings/Reserves/Endowment) to $1,000,000.
d. Achieve estate gift letters of intent with a total of $10,000,000 in expectancies.

3) Develop the current structure to expand the donor and funder community to an active network of 500 - 1000 members mobilizing resources, engaging others, and making connections to community organizations, projects, and leaders that enhance and support LGBTQ+ peoples’ lives. Build strong leadership for the network that inspires resources and support for TPIF.

4) As TPIF continues to develop and advance discovery grant-making to spur innovation, build grantee capacity, and expand access for Focus Communities and Populations over setting prescriptive outcomes.

TPIF’s discovery grantmaking is designed to learn more about the community and the potential of grantee organizations in addressing community needs. Refraining from prescribing specific outcomes and providing capacity and general support encourages potentially different kinds of success that come from investment in community or grassroots knowledge, expertise, and ingenuity. Learning from this grantmaking can help set baselines, determine future possible directions, and spur additional giving to TPIF to replicate successes and encourage more innovation.

TPIF will engage in ongoing dialogue with community leaders, grantees, and donors to continually assess the current environment and unaddressed needs of LGBTQ+ people in Texas. It will actively determine in partnership with the community the populations and areas of need to focus funding while building baselines for creating and evaluating outcomes in the future.