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Texas Pride Impact Funds’ initial major undertaking was a first of- its-kind statewide assessment of LGBTQ needs, services, and service providers. It was clear to our founding Steering Committee that conducting a needs assessment was a best practice in terms of informed giving. Before launching our grant program it became a priority to identity community needs and gaps in services and TPIF hired researchers from the University of Texas at Dallas to conduct a study utilizing surveys of individuals and organizations,  focus groups, in-depth interviews and data analysis to explore the demographics and concerns of the state’s LGBTQ population. The researchers worked to include rural, urban, and suburban residents, as well as a variety of ages and racial and ethnic backgrounds.

TPIF is committed to advancing our understanding of LGBTQ issues across Texas through future research projects to build on our first research achievement.

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Publication (2018): Statewide LGBTQ Community Needs Assessment

See the IMPACT! Texas Needs Assessment Publication (36 pages)

This summary of the full Texas Pride Impact Funds (TPIF) report addresses the broad scope of needs for the diverse members of the LGBTQ communities living in Texas. The report focuses on issues including demographic composition, economic stability, education, legal and civic participation, physical and mental well- being, and public awareness. It includes previously understudied special populations such as communities of color, senior citizens, transgendered people, and residents of rural communities.

We seek to illustrate both the diverse and specific needs of individuals in the Texas LGBTQ community. We also hope that this information will inspire giving and long-term investment to address the needs of LGBTQ Texans and further enrich the lives of all LGBTQ Texans. The 2017 IMPACT! Texas Needs Assessment study and its full report, is the first-ever statewide effort to assess the needs of the Texas LGBTQ communities.

Full Research Document (2017): Impact Texas LGBTQ Needs Assessment

Impact Texas LGBTQ Needs Assessment Report by UTD - Part 1 (Report - 80 pages)

Impact Texas LGBTQ Needs Assessment Report by UTD - Part 2 (Data Tables, Literature Review and Bibliography - 109 pages)

Report (Parts 1 & 2) prepared by The University of Texas at Dallas' School of Economic, Political and Policy Sciences Department For Texas Pride Impact Funds October 2017 with data tables (Appendices A & B) and Literature Review and Bibliography (Appendices C & D).

2018 TPIF Inaugural Grants

2018 Grant Application Opportunity Closed at 5:00 PM CST Monday April 16

TPIF considers applications from nonprofit organizations whose work is consistent with our mission of securing the future of the LGBTQ community in Texas.

To be eligible for a grant, an organization must be a recognized IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt, nonprofit organization or provide documentation of fiscal sponsorship with such an organization. All of our competitively awarded grants go to organizations that serve the LGBTQ communities of Texas. Currently, the maximum competitive grant award is $10,000. Please note: organizations are eligible to receive a competitive grant from Texas Pride Impact Funds no more often than once every two years.

All applicants must provide documentation that the applicant does not discriminate with regard to race, color, gender, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, religion, marital status, national origin, political affiliation, ancestry, veteran status, physical disability, socioeconomic status, or source of income in its employment practices, selection of board members, or acceptance of clients for services or products, or as otherwise provided by all applicable federal, state and local laws.

TPIF does not accept applications from: individuals; national organizations or their local affiliates, except for programs developed at the local level to meet local needs; projects/programs outside the State of Texas, except those providing direct services to LGBTQ residents of Texas; government agencies; religious organizations, except for projects or programs directly addressing TPIF’s mission.

Organizations based in Texas that provide programs/services to residents of Texas and outside the State of Texas must differentiate between Texas residents and non-residents when identifying numbers of persons served. Likewise, organizations based outside of Texas that provide programs/services to residents of Texas must differentiate between Texas residents and non-residents when identifying numbers of persons served. Lack of such documented differentiation will disqualify an application.

What We Fund

  • Seed/Pilot funding: innovations/start-up funding
  • Project/program support: a specific project/program within your organization
  • Capacity building: creating more, higher quality and/or more sustainable services
  • General Operating support: day-to-day costs of running your organization (office space, staff salaries, marketing materials, etc.)
  • Matching grants to augment support for any of the above


What We Don’t Fund

  • Endowment Funds
  • Fundraising or recognition events
  • Multi-year funding commitments
  • Costs incurred prior to the date of the grant award
  • Capital campaigns
  • More than one application per organization per year


Funding Priorities for 2018

These priorities (in alphabetical order) are based on the 2017 Impact! Texas Needs Assessment. Special consideration will be given to programs/projects serving LGBTQ communities outside of urban centers.

Improving employment prospects for transgender persons
Health Care
Capacity Building
Increasing access/reducing barriers to routine health care
Increasing access for transgender persons
Improving cultural competency of health care providers
Decreasing social isolation
Increasing financial security
Social Support
Decrease isolation in non-urban areas
Address issues of inter-community racism, sexism, gender normatism
Access to safe spaces
Access to stable housing


Evaluation Criteria

  • Eligibility of applicant(s)
  • Complete and accurate application, including all supporting documentation
  • Alignment of request with funding priorities
  • Documented ability to provide the proposed project/program/service(s)
  • Project/services provided outside of urban centers
  • *TPIF will schedule a site visit for all finalists



Questions regarding this RFP and/or the Application should be addressed to grants@txpif.org with the subject heading: Application Question. The deadline for submitting questions is 5:00 pm (CDT), Friday, March 30, 2018.



February 19              Release of RFP
March 30                   Last day to submit questions (5:00 pm CDT)
April 16                      Application Deadline (5:00 pm CDT)

Texas Pride Impact Funds received an unexpectedly large number of applications to our 2018 Grant Program. While we are very grateful for this response, we are projecting that the Grant Action Group will require more time for proposal evaluation and scoring than anticipated.  Please understand that we must give each proposal careful, equal consideration and we will update our schedule as soon as possible.

TBD       Finalist Site Visits
TBD       Grant Awards Announced