Texas Pride Impact Funds

Our state-wide grants program leverages our philanthropic investments and partnerships to support organizations addressing critical needs, finding solutions to our communities' most pressing challenges, fostering creativity, power building, and promoting resilience for a more just and inclusive Texas.

2021 Community Grants Program


  • March 15: Release RFP/application
  • May 21: Last Day to submit questions to grants@txpif.org
  • May 31: Application deadline
  • Late September: Awards announced

The goals of our State-wide Grants Program are to:

  • Invest in community-building efforts in targeted areas of support with an eye towards movement building in our state.
  • Invest in Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (BIPOC)-led organizations working to meet the needs within different communities; Grants may also be awarded to allied organizations, which are not BIPOC-led but are working to advance a racial and economic justice agenda.
  • Invest in organizations that are advancing systemic change on racial injustice issues through advocacy, public policy, and community organizing.

Our State-wide Grants Program is comprised of two areas:

  • Community Building – designed to strengthen local organizations, programs, and support our most vulnerable populations. Investments in this area will focus on smaller, BIPOC-led organizations and allied organizations, emphasizing those serving rural areas of Texas and the transgender and gender non-conforming community. Areas of Support include:
    • Arts & Culture
    • Employment
    • Faith
    • Financial Security
    • Healthcare & Mental Health
    • Housing
    • Immigration
    • Seniors
    • Youth
  • Capacity Building – capacity-building grants enable organizations to grow competencies and invest in business processes to increase their organizations’ effectiveness and sustainability.

NOTE: Previous TPIF grant recipients are eligible for this 2021 grant cycle.

Examples of specific programs include (but not limited to):

  • Skills-building
  • Increasing access/reducing barriers to routine health care
  • Improving employment prospects for transgender persons
  • Increasing access for transgender persons
  • Improving cultural competency of health care providers
  • Decreasing social isolation
  • Increasing financial security
  • Address issues of inter-community racism, sexism, gender normativism
  • Decrease isolation in non-urban areas
  • Access to safe spaces
  • Access to stable housing

What We Fund

  • General operating expenses for organizations addressing the needs of LGBTQIA+ communities.
  • Capacity building (may include conference/training registration fees, but no travel related costs).
  • New and/or current projects, programs and/or strategies.
  • Joint projects that combine the resources of two (2) or more eligible organizations working together to achieve shared goals.
  • Matching grants.
  • Note: Maximum grants awarded will not exceed $10,000.

What We Don’t Fund

  • Applications from individuals.
  • National organizations or their local affiliates, except for programs developed at the local level to meet local needs in Texas.
  • Projects/programs outside the State of Texas.
  • Endowment funds.
  • Annual campaigns, capital campaigns, fundraising events, donor recognition events, event sponsorships.
  • Multi-year funding commitments.
  • Costs incurred prior to the date of the grant award.
  • Applications from government agencies.
  • Religious organizations that discriminate on the basis of gender or sexual identity.
  • More than one application per organization per year.
  • Debt retirement.
  • Academic research.

Questions regarding TPIF Grants should be addressed to grants@txpif.org.