Texas Pride Impact Funds

Grantmaking Areas

Healthcare and Mental Health, Employment, Seniors, Youth and Social Support are our general fundraising interests with priorities given to intersectional work supporting Communities of Color and Rural and Transgender Communities. General funding priorities were initially established by our 2017 Impact! Texas Needs Assessment, the first comprehensive, state-wide study of LGBTQ supportive organizations and individuals. Evolution of our funding priorities continue through new literature review and the dynamic political climate as it impacts social and justice issues important to our community.

Response to a Pandemic: COVID-19 Emergency Funds

In these unprecedented times, Texas Pride Impact Funds’ Board of Directors voted on April 4, 2020 to take unprecedented action. The 2020 Grants Program, scheduled to conclude in October of this year, was replaced by a COVID-19 Emergency Funds program and awards were announced on April 20, 2020. Our primary funding objective prioritized immediate relief to those agencies providing a safety net to those most vulnerable to COVID-19; a secondary consideration is funding to assist smaller agencies whose operations and revenues have been severely impacted by this crisis.

Information regarding our 2021 Grants Program will be provided next January.

Examples of specific programs include

  • Skills-building
  • Improving employment prospects for transgender persons
  • Increasing access/reducing barriers to routine health care
  • Increasing access for transgender persons
  • Improving cultural competency of health care providers
  • Decreasing social isolation
  • Increasing financial security
  • Address issues of inter-community racism, sexism, gender normativism
  • Decrease isolation in non-urban areas
  • Access to safe spaces
  • Access to stable housing


What We Fund

  • General operating expenses for organizations addressing the needs of LGBTQIA+ communities.
  • Capacity building (may include conference/training registration fees, but no travel related costs).
  • New and/or current projects, programs and/or strategies.
  • Joint projects that combine the resources of two (2) or more eligible organizations working together to achieve shared goals.
  • Matching grants.

What We Don’t Fund

  • Applications from individuals.
  • National organizations or their local affiliates, except for programs developed at the local level to meet local needs.
  • Projects/programs outside the State of Texas.
  • Endowment funds.
  • Annual campaigns, capital campaigns, fundraising events, donor recognition events, event sponsorships.
  • Multi-year funding commitments.
  • Costs incurred prior to the date of the grant award.
  • Applications from government agencies.
  • Religious organizations, except for projects/programs/services directly addressing the mission of TPIF.
  • More than one application per organization per year.
  • Debt retirement

Questions regarding TPIF Grants should be addressed to grants@txpif.org.