Texas Pride Impact Funds

Six Action Groups (AGs) perform the work of our organization and are chaired by board members: Development, Finance, Grants, Governance, Marketing & Communications and Operations. Action Groups analyze issues within their areas of jurisdiction and make recommendations to the board. Action Groups also monitor and evaluate the performance of the whole organization in relation to its responsibility. Regional Leadership Councils (RLCs) serve to expand and deepen our local work across the state. Broad responsibilities include developing prospective donors; fostering relationships with local constituents; and voicing regional concerns to key community stakeholders, operatives and organizers. Through our RLCs, we engage local communities in identifying leaders, organizations and projects capable of addressing local needs. FISCAL SPONSOR - The Dallas Foundation is the fiscal sponsor of TEXAS PRIDE IMPACT FUNDS, a component fund of The Dallas Foundation, a 501(c)(3), publicly supported charity, Federal Tax ID 75-2890371. The Dallas Foundation provides TPIF investment management and other administrative services, helping TPIF leaders and volunteers focus on community and donor engagement.


  • David Carlson
  • Randall Gentry
  • Ron Guillard
  • Bryan Hlavinka
  • Jody Randall, M.S.
  • Paul Scott
  • Phillip W. Schnarrs, Ph.D.
  • Jessica Sheridan


  • Finance and Investment
  • Development
  • Grant
  • Governance
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Operations



  • Steve Atkinson
  • Eric Batten
  • Taryn Beaudoin
  • Deiadra Burns
  • David Carlson, Co-Chair
  • Julie Coffman
  • Laurie Foley, Co-Chair
  • Ron Guillard
  • Chris Kouvelis
  • Enrique MacGregor
  • Mark Parker, Md
  • Carolyn Roney
  • Judy Sherman
  • Jessica Sheridan
  • Vicki Smith
  • Roberta Villaverde
  • Roger Wedell
  • Brit Zindel


  • Maddy Dwertman, Co-Chair
  • Phillip W. Schnarrs, Ph.D.
  • Paul Scott, Co-Chair


  • Chree Boydstun
  • Tripp Carter
  • Bryan Hlavinka, Co-Chair
  • Mike Holloman
  • Jani Lopez, Co-Chair
  • Tim Martinez
  • H. Joe Nelson III


  • Randall Gentry
  • Jody Randall, M.S.


  • Laurie Foley
  • Ron Guillard
  • Eric Johnson
  • Michael Kaufman
  • Linda Moore
  • Mark Parker, Md
  • Judy Sherman
  • David Taffet
  • Roger Wedell
  • Philip Wier