Texas Pride Impact Funds

Texas Pride Impact Funds is the community foundation for the LGBTQ+ people of Texas. Very few other foundations will fund LGBTQ+ nonprofits and programs, therefore it is vital that we support a wide variety of community needs. Please join us in our work to strengthen community organizations and their leaders, mobilize donors and funders, inspire giving, and actively secure our community's future for generations to come.

Ways To Give

Generosity has always been at the heart of the LGBTQ+ movement for equality and community building, and every gift has changed our lives and our world. With your support, we work to achieve more livable communities, especially for the 930,000 LGBTQ+ persons who call Texas home. We offer numerous ways to contribute including one-time and recurring gifts, a Donor Program, Donor Advised Funds and Planned Giving options.

Our C19 Awards Video Announcement

COVID-19 Emergency Fund Awards, Responding To Unprecedented Times

On April 4, 2020, Texas Pride Impact Funds’ Board of Directors voted to take unprecedented action and created the COVID-19 Emergency Fund Awards.

Connecting Texas through LGBTQ+ Philanthropy

Since our very first grant in November of 2017, TPIF’s funding has focused on health, seniors, youth, employment, social support, rural initiatives, communities of color and transgender communities.