Texas Pride Impact Funds

We cannot stop hoping, dreaming, working, and building the communities we deserve; places where all LGBTQ people can thrive and be who they are, where they are. Individual generosity has been at the heart of the LGBTQ movement for equality and community building since the very earliest days and every single gift has changed our lives and our world. Thank you for believing in the mission and purpose of Texas Pride Impact Funds. With your support, we are supporting work to achieve more livable Texas communities, in particular for our 930,000 LGBTQ citizens.

Make a Donation

Make any gift of $25.00 or more; one-time or recurring if you choose.

Become a 'First Hundred Funder'

First Hundred Funders at the basic $3,000 level may be paid in full OR select an equal payment plan over a three year period.

With a $5,000 donation, First Hundred Funders are recognized as MAJOR and $10,000 donations are recognized as LEAD. Pay in full OR pay half now and we will contact you to set up your remainder payment within 12 months.

At $20,000 - $49,999, donors are distinguished as VISIONARY; $50,000 + donors are distinguished as IMPACT. Pay $10,0000 now and we will contact you to set up your payment plan.

TPIF Non Compete Policy with LGBTQ Service Organizations: While Texas Pride Impact Funds eagerly seeks financial commitments to fully achieve our goal as “the LGBTQ community foundation for the state of Texas,” we prefer not to receive donations that would displace philanthropy you previously intended for an LGBTQ organization in your community. In either case, you can further our effort by sharing this page with other philanthropically-minded friends and inquiring about TPIF volunteer opportunities that are right for you.



A Donor Advised Fund allows a donor to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax benefit and then recommend grants from the fund over time. A donor-advised fund is like a charitable savings account: a donor contributes to the fund as frequently as they like and then recommends grants when they are ready. Recommended grants must be approved by TPIF. With fiscal supervision and investment management provided by The Dallas Foundation, a minimum of $25,000 is required to establish a donor advised fund with TPIF.


A planned gift to Texas Pride Impact Funds is a simple yet significant way for you to make a lasting impact after your death. Once you have provided for your loved ones, we can help you structure a planned gift that will satisfy both your philanthropic and tax goals. Let us help you integrate charitable giving with your estate plan.


The TPIF Endowment Fund will hold its principal in perpetuity and only use investment income from the fund for specific TPIF programs and grants. With a minimum $250,000 donation to the TPIF Endowment, a donor may create a personal legacy knowing their donation will serve LGBTQ Texans in perpetuity.

Questions About Giving?

Please complete the following information and we will contact you shortly to discuss your interest in making a positive Impact on the LGBTQ community in Texas.



Corporate Sponsor Program

TPIF’s Corporate Sponsor Program is designed for businesses and business leaders who share this commitment and support TPIF financially. In return, TPIF provides exposure and connects our Corporate Sponsors with a broad audience of vibrant, informed and appreciative communities in Texas.

Benefits as a $7,500 Dignitary Sponsor include:

  • Corporate name & logo featured prominently on one of txpif.org website slider home screens.
  • Corporate name & logo displayed at fundraising and donor recognition events.
  • Corporate name & logo displayed + podium recognition at Town Halls, community outreach events showcasing the findings of ITNA.
  • Corporate name, logo & sponsorship level featured on back cover of ITNA publication and ITNA webpage on txpif.org.

Benefits as a $10,000 Champion Sponsor add the following to the above:

  • Featured story about your company and partnership in TPIF’s eNews.

Benefits as a $15,000 Pacesetter Sponsor add the following to the above:

  • Name & logo hyper-linked from txpif.org to company’s website
  • Listing in 2018 TPIF Annual Gratitude Report.

Corporate sponsorship duration is three years from date of commitment.