Texas Pride Impact Funds

First Hundred Funders

Our First Hundred Funders Campaign is for philanthropic pioneers who believe in the mission and purpose of Texas Pride Impact Funds. We thank the following individuals, families and organizations for their leadership, generosity and compassion in support of Texas' LGBTQ community with their financial commitment at the following levels:

First Hundred Funders

  • Steve Atkinson & Ted Kincaid
  • Elizabeth Babin & Jeffrey Carlson
  • Rawle Biffnah
  • Chree Boydstun
  • Bob Burgess & Tom Seymour
  • Tripp Carter
  • Bruce Chemel
  • The Clements Group at Morgan Stanley
  • Nora & Mark Cloud
  • Julie Coffman
  • Serena & Tom Connelly
  • Cece Cox & Shelly Skeen
  • Rick Dickson & Luis Morales Lopez
  • Charlene Dique
  • Stephen Elison & Richard Brown
  • Exigo Office Inc.
  • Rafiq Salleh-Flowers & Cannon Flowers
  • Robert Gallegos
  • Brett Gray & Kindred Roach
  • Randall Gentry
  • Greg Hawthorne
  • Vance Louis Hines
  • Bryan Hlavinka & David Theisen
  • Mike Holloman
  • Eric Johnson & Dr. Mark Parker
  • Michael Kaufman & Durward Watson


First Hundred Funders

  • Britt Kornmann
  • Chris Kouvelis
  • Mercedes Leal & Tammi Wallace
  • Jani C. Lopez
  • Charles Marlett
  • Deborah McMurray & Glen Davison
  • Linda G. Moore & Laurie Foley
  • Mark Niermann & Enrique MacGregor
  • Jay W. Oppenheimer
  • Hon. Annise D. Parker
  • Kathleen Post & Margaret Rodriquez
  • Carolyn Roney
  • Cathi Scalise & Denise Costello
  • Jessica A. Sheridan & Sallye A. Wilton
  • Judy Sherman & Cindy Vinzant
  • Vicki Smith
  • Travis Torrence & Heath LaPray
  • David Thompson
  • Michael Veale
  • Roberta Villaverde & Melissa Kohn
  • Keith & Susan Webster
  • Rev. Roger W. Wedell, Ph.D.
  • Richard Werner & Tony Bravo
  • Kay Wilkinson
  • Jeff Zimmerman
  • Brit Zindel

Major, Lead, Visionary and Impact Level First Hundred Funders

  • Funders for LGBTQ Issues
  • David W. Carlson & Steve Smith
  • Ron Guillard & Bill Brosius
  • Michael & Julie Fox
  • Richard Holt & Mark McMasters
  • Brent Whiteley

TPIF Non Compete Policy with LGBTQ Service Organizations: While Texas Pride Impact Funds eagerly seeks financial commitments to fully achieve our goal as “the LGBTQ community foundation for the state of Texas,” we prefer not to receive donations that would displace philanthropy you previously intended for an LGBTQ organization in your community. In either case, you can further our effort by sharing this page with other philanthropically-minded friends and inquiring about TPIF volunteer opportunities that are right for you.

Become a Funder

First Hundred Funders Campaign - $3,000. Either pay in full or choose an equal payment plan over a three year period.

First Hundred Funders who give a minimum of $5,000 paid in one year, are recognized at the following levels. $5,000 to $9,999 is recognized as a Major Donor; $10,000 to $19,999 as Lead Donor; $20,000 to $49,000 as Visionary Donor and a gift of $50,000 or more will be recognized as an Impact Donor.

One time gifts at these levels, or any other amount, may be made today with the "One-Time Donation" button below. Donors will be recognized on our website accordingly.




A Donor Advised Fund allows a donor to make a charitable contribution, receive an immediate tax benefit and then recommend grants from the fund over time. A donor-advised fund is like a charitable savings account: a donor contributes to the fund as frequently as they like and then recommends grants when they are ready. Recommended grants must be approved by TPIF. With fiscal supervision and investment management provided by The Dallas Foundation, a minimum of $25,000 is required to establish a donor advised fund with TPIF.



The TPIF endowment fund will hold its principal in perpetuity and only use investment income from the fund for specific TPIF programs and grants. With a minimum $250,000 donation to the TPIF Endowment, a donor may create a personal legacy knowing their donation will serve LGBTQ Texans in perpetuity.


Organizational Priorities

Texas Pride Impact Funds promotes a culture of philanthropy by connecting donors with organizations addressing LGBTQ issues across Texas. 

Our 2018 priorities are:

  • 2018 Grant Program
  • First Hundred Funder Campaign
  • IMPACT! Texas Needs Assessment town halls and distribution
  • Donor Advised Funds and Legacy Giving roll-out
  • Further development of Regional Leadership Council volunteers from around the state

TPIF has a number of ways in which you can give to the community with your time, talent and or personal resources. We welcome a conversation about your ability and thoughts about giving back to the Texas LGBTQ community through TPIF. Contact us at info@txpif.org.

Questions About Giving?

Please complete the following information and we will contact you shortly to discuss your interest in making a positive Impact on the LGBTQ community in Texas.