Texas Pride Impact Funds


Securing the future for LGBTQ Texans by inspiring giving and investment to expand opportunities and enrich our communities.



Texas Pride Impact Funds has three primary long term strategies to advance positive change for LGBTQ communities across Texas:

  • To support organizations and innovative projects that address existing and emerging community needs throughout Texas;
  • To serve the needs and philanthropic aims of donors who wish to positively impact the Texas LGBTQ community;
  • To initiate collaboration between donors and organizations to increase LGBTQ-inclusive programming.



TPIF's Grants Program seeks to fund proposed ideas, projects, and strategies from community organizations that work to enhance the lives of and address the needs of LGBTQ youth, adults, and families that are positively impacting local communities across Texas. Please see Grants for our priorities, guided by data gathered from our 2017 IMPACT Texas Needs Assessment (ITNA) and insights from TPIF's Regional Leadership Councils. 

TPIF has conducted the first-ever, state-wide LGBTQ community needs assessment for the State of Texas. With a generous planning grant from Funders for LGBTQ Issues, TPIF contracted and collaborated with The University of Texas at Dallas to create, implement and produce IMPACT! Texas Needs Assessment (ITNA). Results of the IMPACT! Texas Needs Assessment will be shared at a series of public Town Hall gatherings across the State beginning in 2018 and our IMPACT! Texas Needs Assessment (ITNA) summary publication will be available online coinciding with our first TPIF Town Hall which will be held in our Texas capital. We anticipate that this will be the first of many such assessments.

Five Action Groups are established on a permanent basis. Action Groups analyze issues within their areas of jurisdiction and make recommendations to the board. An Action Group also monitors and evaluates the performance of the whole organization in relation to its responsibility.

TPIF Regional Leadership Councils serve to expand and deepen our local work across the state of Texas. Broad responsibilities include developing prospective donors; fostering relationships with all local constituents; and voicing regional concerns to key community stakeholders, operatives and organizers. Through its Regional Leadership Councils, TPIF engages local communities in identifying leaders, organizations and projects capable of addressing local needs.

The Dallas Foundation is the fiscal sponsor of TEXAS PRIDE IMPACT FUNDS, a component fund of The Dallas Foundation, a 501(c)(3), publicly supported charity, Federal Tax ID 75-2890371. The Dallas Foundation provides TPIF investment management and other administrative services, helping TPIF leaders and volunteers focus on community and donor engagement.



  • David Carlson
  • Ron Guillard
  • Bryan Hlavinka
  • Judy Sherman
  • Roger Wedell
  • Carolyn Roney



  • Finance and Investment
  • Development
  • Grant
  • Governance
  • Marketing and Communications




  • Steve Atkinson
  • David Carlson
  • Laurie Foley
  • Randall Gentry
  • Eric Johnson
  • Chris Kouvelis
  • Enrique MacGregor
  • Mark Parker, Md
  • Carolyn Roney
  • Judy Sherman
  • Jessica Sheridan
  • Vicki Smith
  • Michael Veale
  • Roberta Villaverde
  • Brit Zindel



  • Paul Huddleston
  • Gary Schumann
  • Paul Scott
  • Chuck Smith
  • Kevin Witcher


  • Chree Boydstun
  • Tripp Carter
  • Ron Guillard
  • Bryan Hlavinka
  • Mike Holloman
  • Jani Lopez
  • Tim Martinez


  • Laurie Foley
  • Ron Guillard
  • Eric Johnson
  • Michael Kaufman
  • Linda Moore
  • Mark Parker, Md
  • Judy Sherman
  • David Taffet
  • Roger Wedell
  • Philip Wier


Texas Pride Impact Funds emerged from an initiative within Black Tie Dinner, Inc., a charitable nonprofit that has donated, since 1982, more than $20 million to LGBT supportive organizations with proceeds from its annual dinner. While Black Tie Dinner has a robust grant process through its annual selection of beneficiaries, it does not hold an endowment fund, support donor-advised funds, or have the ability to respond to LGBTQ community needs outside its geographic and grant-making restrictions.

Over recent decades, LGBTQ leaders have established numerous non-profit organizations across Texas supporting the needs of our community. Many were founded in response to the HIV/AIDS crisis. Even as those needs continue, LGBTQ-based organizations now address a wide variety of other issues including youth, elders, families, cultural, health and socio-economic. As critical as each of these organizations is, none have taken the leadership role as a custodian for LGBTQ philanthropy. TPIF was incorporated in the State of Texas in 2015 to fill this need. Adopting a model of LGBTQ-focused community foundations across the country, we exist to advocate for and to strengthen local communities and their leaders and mobilize donors in support of these efforts.